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Keep enough amount of MATIC from 15 + Gas fee to start your mining reward

Matic3x mining reward
Direct referral 5%
15 Level referral bonus
Eagle Club Bonus
Field allowance
4-8 level bonus
Falcon Club Bonus
Field allowance
9-15 level bonus

Daily 2%

5 Days Cycle Upto 30 Days

Referral ID
Enter Your Amount

Eagle Club Bonus

Eagle Club Reward: 1% Is Allocated Of Total Business Fund. (Calculate 1% as 100%)
Get Achievement Bonus To Global Joining Of 50%
Get Team Development & Businesses Expansion Of 25%

Falcon Club Bonus

Falcon Club Reward: 1% Is Allocated Of Total Business Fund. (Calculate 1% as 100%)
Get Club Achievement Bonus 50%
Get Team Development & Businesses Expansion 30%

Total Incomes

Matic3X Mining Cycles Incomes (30 Cycles)
Referral Rewards (5% Referral)
Level Income (15 Level)
Club Reward (Eagle, Falcon)
Performer Rewards Income

100% decentralise

100% Decentralise
Operates On Fully Smart Contracts And Is Built On The Polygon Blockchain.

High Return

2% Daily return
And it's not a high risk platform.

5-30 days Gaming cycle

Sustainable formula

Know The Benefits

Less Explored Sector In Crypto Space


The platform you can Trust

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100% decentralise with professional audit
Secure and long term high return

5 days per cycle initialize at 2%, per cycle 10% to 30%

Sustainability and longevity is the key for Polygon Blockchain